#CleanerTogether Virtual Clean-a-thon

Aug 10-16

Thank you to all who participated. Some highlights from this virtual event can be seen on our gratitude video posted on Instagram.

International Coastal Cleanup Virtual Cleanup


Sept 4-19

Join us for our virtual cleanup event in honor of International Coastal Cleanup day.  Cleanups need not only happen on one single day in scheduled locations. Our bags serve as a reminder that every day can be a cleanup day, regardless of where you live. Cleaning up our communities and outdoor recreation areas is something we all can take pride in.

To celebrate International Coastal Cleanup Day’s 30 years of hard work and conservation efforts, we will award the person who records the 30th cleanup, in our Impact Tracker, during the event with an awesome prize. We will also be offering a prize to the person who collects the most plastic throughout the event.

Using our Impact Tracker, participants can register their Barrel Bag, record cleanup activities, and watch, in real-time, how their personal contributions add to our community’s global efforts.

Track our event daily on Instagram @barrelbag. and remember to post your own cleanup pictures and tag your photos @BarrelBag

Plan ahead – register your Barrel Bag so you can participate and make your impact count.

  1. Cleanup wherever, and whenever you can from September 4th-19th. Using our new Impact Tracker, record info from your cleanups for a chance to win prizes!
  2. Using our Impact Tracker, we will track the global impact of our participants.
  3. Post your cleanup pictures on Instagram using #BarrelBagVirtualCleanup and tag @barrelbag in your pictures to be featured on our platforms