About Our Bag

The Barrel Bag was designed to inspire ocean lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to pick up some of the 5 trillion pieces of plastic that currently litter recreational areas and beaches around the world. With our bag, every day is a cleanup day! It serves as a physical reminder to pick up after ourselves and others when we go outside to enjoy nature. See features below:

  1. 18×20 mesh string bag
  2. Corded closure and shoulder strap
  3. Printed panel made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  4. Elastic loop makes it easy to roll up and carry with you when not in use
  5. 100% of the profits from this product go towards funding our mission to bring awareness to our environment and help eliminate litter pollution – particularly plastic.

Barrel Bag Community Across the US

Many have joined us in our mission to reduce plastic pollution, not just in the USA.
Barrel Bag has traveled across different countries, including Hong Kong, China, French Polynesia,
Derbyshire, UK, Germany, and Puerto Rico.

Want to join our movement?​

By co-branding with us, you are giving your school, company, organization or event an opportunity to align your brand with an environmental grassroots movement to cleanup our environment!

With our co-branded bags, your logo will be prominently displayed and seen by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts!