Loren Quaglieri

Chief Operating Officer

With an entrepreneurial background and spirit, Loren gave Tucker Grooms, her son, the encouragement to create Barrel Bag in 2018.  Loren oversees the daily operations of the organization and also runs the youth internship program.  Located in Mill Valley, CA, she is passionate about protecting our environment, educating youth on the importance of taking responsibility for our environment, and mobilizing a grassroots movement of individuals to protect our oceans through a reduction in plastic dependency.

Ingrid Chen

Environmental Education Program Coordinator

Ingrid is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a minor in Environmental Engineering. She believes that humans and nature are interconnected and interdependent, and therefore recognizes the importance of education in nurturing kids to become environmental stewards. Ingrid will be creating educational content on the website and developing educational program kits for elementary and middle school-aged kids.

Stefanie Pillert

Web Designer

I recently graduated from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design. The majority of my work revolves around sustainability and creating ways to change how we view Design on a day to day basis. Barrel Bag has given me the opportunity to combine my work and passion! I believe that caring for the environment provides us with a healthier and better life. Growing up in Hawai’i allowed me to see at a young age how important it is to care for our surroundings and especially the oceans. This mindset gives me the opportunity to keep growing in my work and benefiting others around me.

Tobias Martin

Youth Ambassadors Program Manager

Tobias is an undergraduate at Minerva Schools at KGI, majoring in Government, Politics, and Society, minoring in Philosophy, Ethics, and Law. He believes that education is the most powerful tool to solve social problems, and it can allow young students that are motivated to be committed leaders to transform the reality of their communities. Tobias will be developing a Youth Ambassadors Program for students in California.

Emma Claire Spring

Business Development/Partnership Sales Intern

I am currently a senior at Washington State University majoring in Hospitality Business Management and minoring in French. This semester, I am serving as the Business Development/Partnership Sales Intern for Barrel Bag. I am striving to establish partnerships with sustainable companies that wish to further their CSR efforts and make a positive impact on the environment. Being from Montana, I love to ski, hike, and be on the water. I truly appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds me every day and am excited to work for a company that is thinking creatively to promote eco-friendly habits.

Sheehan Tiffany Belleca

Web Designer Intern

Hailing from the tropical islands of the Philippines, Sheehan moved to the US with her dreams of becoming a physician. Today, she is an undergraduate student at California State University, Los Angeles studying Biochemistry. She’s dedicated to her purpose in providing quality and accessible healthcare and advocating for the environment. She also likes getting to know new people and mentoring high school students interested in the premed track. As a graphic and web design intern in Barrel Bag, she aims to bring to life the vision of the team.

Pragya Chaturvedi

Customer Engagement & Ambassador Program Coordinator

Pragya is a second year student at The University of Virginia pursuing majors in Marketing and IT. She is passionate about raising environmental awareness and tries to actively implement change in her community. Pragya oversees the Barrel Bag Ambassador Program and handles customer engagement. She is also working towards expanding the Impact Tracker initiative, so people can see how their personal contributions add to our community’s global efforts. When she isn’t busy growing Barrel Bag, you can find her painting on the lawn or keeping the oceans clean.

Stephanie Troia

Social Media Marketing Intern

Stephanie is a senior at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles. She got her AA in International Business and is currently getting her BA in Marketing. She is a Social Media Marketing Intern at Barrel Bag. She is passionate about planet Earth’s conservation and protection. She has also been a vegetarian for the past 8 years. Stephanie is a certified yoga & meditation teacher and her company is called Meditata World. She loves to surf as a hobby and saving the oceans is very important to her.

Maya Breckenridge


Maya Breckenridge is a highschool intern at Barrel Bag. She participates in the Tam Highschool Surfrider Club and has been practicing reducing her plastic usage for years. Maya does monthly clean-ups around the Bay Area, and when she can’t clean up at the beach she is always picking up trash elsewhere. She loves marine wildlife, the beach, surfing, snorkeling, and has been Scuba Diving since she was ten years old. Maya believes that educating her peers and the youth can make a massive difference and inspire them to take action on a united front.