Take Action against plastic pollution and other climate issues by supporting advocacy campaigns below.

Protección de Galapágos

Help endangered hammerhead sharks from being illegally transported.

Initiated by Greenpeace, this petition advocates for our oceans and communities endangered by big corporation.

Initiated by Customers Who Care, this advocates for a change in policy in Target, Inc. and consumer habits when it comes to the use of plastic bags. 

Pass the Plastic Pollution
Resolution Act

Single-use plastics are wreaking havoc on our neighborhoods and natural environments. The only solution is to shift away from single-use and move toward a thriving culture of reuse!

Urge Gov. Newsom to make foodware accessories upon request

This means restaurants, caterers, and food delivery systems within the State of California would #SkipTheStuff and refrain from including single-use plastic.

Support the Ocean Climate Action Plan

Healthy and resilient oceans and coastal communities are critical for a thriving blue economy that creates jobs and safeguards our nation from the impacts of climate change.