5 minute cleanup 

10 pieces of trash picked up in 5 minutes:

  • Average of 3x a week= 15 min and 30 pieces of trash a week
  • 52 weeks x 30 pieces= 1,560 pieces of trash a year (within only 780 minutes out of 525,600 minutes in a year)
    • If 10 people did this= 15,600 pieces
    • If 50 people did this= 78,000 pieces
    • If 500 people did this= 780,000 pieces
    • If 2000 people did this= 3,120,000 pieces 

We know that there is a lot of litter and plastic posing a danger to our oceans. Cleanups are an activity that everyone can participate in and are a critical first step to solving this issue.

Make Smart Consumer Decisions 

We love the sustainable products we’ve been seeing more frequently for sale in stores and online, but don’t just go out and buy a bunch of new things. Use what you have for as long as possible, and when the product you are using has lived a long life, you should treat yourself to a sustainable plastic/waste-free treat!

Some tips:

  • Only buy or take what you need–not what you want
  • Ditch fast fashion and thrift instead
  • Use up what you already own
  • Compost, refuse plastic whenever you can
  • Stay positive!

Going zero waste can be a little challenging the way our world is set up, but we admire your efforts, and always remember, every bit counts!

Understanding the waste hierarchy

Zero Waste Lifestyle