It's time for a
NEW Bag Design!

And we want to see your ideas

Design Contest April 2022

Are you a prolific doodler? Do you nerd out over nature’s design? If you had the chance to redesign our Barrel Bag (THE SUSTAINABLE CLEANUP BAG WITH A MISSION), what would it look like?

Post your concept/design for the next Barrel Bag on your social media account, tag us @barrelbag, and tell us about your design in the body of your post.

Submit your entry by *April 15* and we’ll highlight the top three submissions and let our community vote on their favorite design. 

We’ll announce the winner on Earth Day!

Win the chance to design the next Barrel Bag and align yourself with a global social movement to reduce plastic pollution by posting your concept by April 15th.

The Winning artist will provide Barrel Bag with a License for Limited Usage. 

Barrel Bag will have the rights to use the artwork on the front panel of the Barrel Bag. This bag may be photographed and the photography used in the promotion of the Barrel bag and its mission, by Barrel Bag or it’s sponsoring partners in print or online, including but not limited to social media, television or streaming services. Duration of use is for a period of one year. The artwork will not be modified.  The artist retains the intellectual property and copyrights to their artwork. The artist can repurpose the artwork and re-license it to other clients for other product categories. Modification of artwork will not be made. The Artist name will be used in connection with the bag design promotions and usage.

More details and specifications below:


The design *must* follow these specifications:


  1.       18.383 inches x 10.383 inches
  2.       Resolution 300 ppi
  3.       Barrel Bag logo

The copy *may* include:


  2.       Cleanup Bag 
  3.       The sustainable cleanup bag with a mission

You can go to for more details about the bag.

Reminder to tag your IG Submissions with @barrelbag and good luck!