The world turns…and continues to throw away and burn single-use plastics. How do we inspire collective action and unity of purpose?

Bill Nye aligned with Coca-Cola to improve existing recycling rates among Americans. Is it enough to make up for what U.S. companies and foreign governments owe to The People for conducting business where they live and potentially destroying their access to a healthy living environment?

Maybe it’s the slow and steady push of hardworking policymakers and scientists to effect change. “Fuel economy improvements have saved more than two trillion gallons of gasoline since 1975,” according to the NRDC.

There is gold floating near emerald shores and deep blue depths. Medicinal breakthroughs waiting to be capitalized upon, if only the world’s economic engines would WAKE UP…

Or are we just learning how to take a closer look at our own world? A painful awareness thrust upon us by our own curiosity. And the closer we look, the more troubled we become by what we find.

While Earth Day in 1970 sparked a modern revolution in eco-consciousness in America, the seeds of environmental stewardship and harmony exist across cultures. It is fundamentally human to want to restore balance to that which we have upset. It’s equally human to strive toward chaos no matter the outcome.

Thankfully, over the past decade, we have been blessed to witness the birth of an incredible network of organizations committed to inspiring individual action in the fight against plastic pollution. We have cheered alongside friends, family, and internet strangers(💖) as they shared their journey of eco-activism with us.

Here are some of the all-stars we have worked with since our inception:


Alicia is an individual determined to make a positive impact. She personally has brought Barrel Bag to several groups within her community of Troncones in Mexico. They are fully equipped and mobilized and she isn’t ready to stop the efforts. Keeps buying bags and giving them away. A true warrior! She works with the Manzanillo Bay Hotel and la unión de artesanas de troncones y Saladitaor.



Congratulations to Heidi Peak and all the participants of the Barrel Bag Design Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated, Heidi’s entry was so stunning we were compelled to announce her as the winner immediately!





Barrel Bag would not be possible without you, dear reader. Thanks to your grit, perseverance, and curiosity the community has made an incredible impact. Thanks to everyone who participated in a cleanup on #EarthDay.


This Earth Month we practiced self-love, because how can we adopt an abundance mindset if we don’t fill our own cup? Here are some of the incredible achievements of the community over the past four years.

The Only Constant Is Change

We have news, folks.

Our time in the community has been incredible and it will continue to be a privilege and honor to participate, but for the foreseeable future Barrel Bag content operations will be slowing down. What does that mean? Original newsletter and social content will end *until* we can find a stellar eco-warrior committed to carrying on the Barrel Bag legacy.

Don’t stop! Just because our day-to-day posting/monthly bulletin is on hiatus, does not mean you can’t lead cleanups, build your network, and perhaps even achieve greatness.

And stay tuned for potential partnerships! Our bags and the Impact Tracker are still HERE FOR YOU to continue to help make an impact and spread awareness. Anyone can create an ocean of change.

It may feel like this farewell is forever, but Barrel Bag will continue to stick to this collective of beautiful eco-warriors like a barnacle! It takes a network of committed individuals to create the impact you all have made in your communities, and it has been a privilege to be part of this ecosystem and watch it grow.
Keep in touch.