3rd Virtual Cleanup Results

Last October 24-31, we held our 3rd VIRTUAL CLEANUP in celebration of the International Day of Climate Action. Once again, we were reminded that every little thing that we do for our planet matters.

During last week’s cleanup, we recorded 9 new cleanups, 6 Cu. Ft. increase in trash collected, and 8 Cu Ft. increase in plastic collected. I think we all deserve a pat on the back!

Also, congratulations to our Waste Warrior and also one of our interns, Pragya, for participating in our virtual cleanup. She did an amazing job doing her own cleanup in her neighborhood.

Thank you so much once again to our community members, partners, & our entire team for joining our movement and leading the way to keep our environment clean. If you’re bummed you didn’t get to join, don’t worry, we will be hosting another Virtual Cleanup soon! Follow us on Instagram @barrelbag for updates!